First Grade Hat-Tricks

Season  Name Club  Opposition
1898/99  Byrne, T Valley  Toowong
1899/00  Allen, T Woolloongabba  Toowong
1899/00  Macdonald V Fortitude Valley  North Brisbane
1900/01  Colledge, GM Toowong  Nundah
1902/03  Byrne T Fortitude Valley  Toombul-Nundah
1905/06  Vallaly, AV Fortitude Valley  Oxley
1906/07  McLaren, J W Fortitude Valley  Oxley
1907/08  McDaniell, J North Brisbane  Toowong
1911/12  Ayres, S.W+. Valley  Toombul
1911/12  Smith North Brisbane  Toombul
1913/14  Melbourne A J University  North Brisbane
1922/23  Hurwood A. Fortitude Valley   
1924/25  Oxenham R.K.     
1924/25  Barstow C.B.     
1926/27  Stafford J. Valley  Colts
1926/27  Davenport O. South Brisbane   
1926/27  Barstow C.B. Toombul   
1927/28  Hockings L.     
1928/29  Hornibrook P.M.    University
1929/30  Hurwood,A Valley  University
1930/31  Hurwood A. Valley  Toombul
1931/32  Rofe, A.H Eastern Suburbs  University
1931/32  Brew F.M.     
1932/33  Redgrave S.J.     
1934/35  Coats J. Northern Suburbs  University
1934/35  Fisher A. Western Suburbs  University
1940/45  No Record of Hat-Tricks
1945/46  Cook G.G. Western Suburbs   
1948/49  Stackpoole J. Toombul  Valley
1949/50  Driscoll D. Northern Suburbs   
1950/51  McCool C.L. Toombul  South Brisbane
1952/53  Hogarth G. Western Suburbs   
1953/54  Fisher B. Western Suburbs   
1956/57  Bailey A.J.T. Valley  Western Suburbs
1958/59  Bratchford J. Toombul  v South Brisbane*
1960/61  Down J. Colts   
1960/61  Warr G. Colts   
1962/63  Muddle D.G. South Brisbane   
1963/64  Stayner D. Western Suburbs   
1966/67  Westaway C.E. Western Suburbs   
1967/68  Morgan J. University   
1968/69  Duncan J.R.F. Eastern Suburbs   
1971/72  Paulsen R.G. Eastern Suburbs  v Balmoral-Wynnum
1976/77  Gillogly T. Toombul  v Valley
1977/78  Schuller D.C. Wynnum-Manly   
1977/78  Donaldson P. Western Suburbs   
1984/85  Tazelaar D. Western Suburbs  v Toombul
1990/91  Ryan T.A. Sandgate-Redcliffe   
1991/92  Stephensen B Western Suburbs   
1996/97  Nash B.P. Northern Suburbs   
1997/98  Pink P.D. Sandgate-Redcliffe  v Sunshine Coast
1998/99  McKenzie D.R. Easts-Redlands   
1998/99  Kent M.J. Sandgate-Redcliffe  v Northern Suburbs
2000/01  Swan C. Gold Coast   
2001/02  Hauritz N.M. Northern Suburbs   
2001/02  Rimmington N.J. Sandgate-Redcliffe  v Valley
2005/06  Glass C Western Suburbs  v University of Qld
2005/06  Laughlin B Wynnum-Manly  v Northern Suburbs
2005/06  Summerfeldt A Sandgate-Redcliffe  v Wynnum-Manly
2006/07  Jurgensen S Sandgate-Redcliffe  v South Brisbane
2007/08  Neyland R Beenleigh/Logan  v University of Qld
2007/08  MacKenzie D.R. Northern Suburbs  v Toombul
2009/10  Collins N. Redlands  v Sandgate-Redcliffe
2014/15 McDonald R.Toombul  v Ipswich-Logan
2015/16 Gode A. Valley   v Toombul
2015/16 McDonald S. Toombul   v Wynnum-Manly


+ The hat-trick taken by SW Ayres (Valley) in 1910/11 were his first three wickets in Brisbane Grade Cricket.

* J Bratchford (Toombul) took four wickets in four balls against South Brisbane in 1958/59.